How I went from unclear and distracted to focused and empowered.

Are you tired of hearing about egg freezing and want to make a decision about it?


A few years ago I found myself staring at a judge in divorce court, correcting the judge on how she said my name.  (Story of my life). In that moment I thought to myself, How did I get here?

A few years later, I found myself correcting the receptionist at the fertility center on how to say my name.  Once again I thought, How the heck did I get here?

This is a good spot to share that I'm a girl from a small town in Pennsylvania who found herself moving to Washington, DC after college.


Years of working and living in DC brought amazing opportunities.


I've worked throughout the U.S. and internationally, checked many things off my bucket list (insert sky diving and running marathons here) yet I've taken the really LONG road to make some major life decisions in my life. 

It took me four years to make the decision to freeze my eggs. Four long, confusing years. 

I am here to help you make that decision a lot faster than I did.  

To freeze or not to freeze. It is a good question.  

It's an incredibly private decision.

There is no right or wrong decision. 

The goal is to make a decision and move on with your life!


Confused on whether or not you should freeze your eggs?


You should be! It is a complicated and important decision. 

Yet, this decision can be made, so that you can move forward in your life. 

Do you ever notice how some life decisions seem to follow us around. It's almost like we should clear a seat for them on the metro, so that they can sit right next to us. 

They weigh us down like a 50 pound piece of luggage that we pull behind us.

After you make the decision to freeze your eggs things will change.

You will feel proud of yourself. 

You will learn about your body.

You will feel empowered and think, "what next?!"

You will wonder what else you can do for yourself and your life!

The clouds will part and the light will shine through. 

And I want to get you there.

Join this community now, of like-minded women and we will get there together.  

See you inside! 




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